Kyoto International Students Information Site

If you are an international student new to Kyoto, the first thing you should do is sign up to the Kyoto International Students Information Site!
By doing so, you can receive invitations to free events such as classical concerts and "Kyogen" for example. You can also gain access to other useful information. We also recommend you to enrich your study abroad experience through using the “Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass”, which gives you free access to Nijo Castle, Kyoto Tower, Kyoto Zoo and many other places!

Log into the “kokoka Member Site”.

From the “kokoka Member Site” you can sign up for the “Kyoto International Students Information Site”, apply for the “PICNIK” (Program for InterCultural Nexus In Kyoto), and kokoka’s email newsletter.

Latest Information

★Information on free events, etc. To apply, you will need a “kokoka Member Site” ID. You can get the ID on this page. Please scroll down.

★Please check the schedule carefully before applying so that you do not have to cancel.

Day The name of event Time Place Application period Who can participate Notes Application
Monday, June 10 NEW! Sagano Global Forum for student research Teaching Assistant 8:30 - 14:30 Sagano High School (Kyoto shi Ukyo-ku Tokiwa Dan no ue cho 15) Until June 3rd, 17:00 registered students of universities and language schools in Kyoto within a 600 yen one way (1200 yen round trip) public transit distance from the school. Farther than that we cannot reimburse for travel. You will be reimbursed for travel (up to 1200 yen) and you will be given 1730 yen per hour. You must be available for the full day, from 8:30-14:30. Or you can join only in the whole morining or you can join only in whole afternoo. You cannnot leave in the middle of the each program.
Lunch is not provided, but there will be a location where you can eat the lunch you bring with you.

April 17(Wed.), 25(Thu.) ★FREE★ Kyoto Best Spots 4h Private Tour with Licensed Guide 11:30- Meeting Place:In front of Kyoto Tourist Information Center "Kyo-Navi" on the 2nd floor of Kyoto Station Application required, first-come-first-served basis English speakers (up to 6) Free of charge
*Upon completion, writing and submitting a brief English review is a condition of participation.
April 29(Mon., National Holiday) Free Invitation for Foreign Students
"G.F. Hendel's “DER MESSIAS” Concert offered by KYOTO BACH SOLISTEN"
Doors open at 13:30,
Concert begins at 14:00
Nagaokakyo Memorial Cultural Hall, Kyoto(〒617-0824 Kyoto Pref. Nagaokakyo-city, Tenjin 4-1-1) The application will be closed as soon as it reaches the maximum number of participants.
First come, first served, 250 people
International Students from Designated schools
up to 250 people (one person can apply for up to 2 tickets)
※Before you apply, please make sure to double-check your schedule.
※Everyone who has applied are welcome to the concert.
No confirmation is required.
Please come directly to the reception at the venue and show your Student ID
April 27(Sat.) Kyoto Guide Club Event "Rogaining at Fushimimomoyama" 14:00-17:00(Meeting time:14:00) Momoyama Goryomae (Kintetsu Line),
near the ticket gates
【Canceled due to rain】The application will be closed as soon as it reaches the maximum number of participants.
First come, first served
up to 25 people (adults, also children who are elementary school age or older)
first come, first served, reservation is required
Fee: free
What to bring:a camera or a smartphone to take pictures during the event
※Please see the poster for details
April 21(Sun.) Welcome Seminar and Party for Foreigners" Seminar: 14:00-15:30
Party: 15:30-17:00
kokoka Kyoto International Community House The application will be closed as soon as it reaches the maximum number of participants.
First come, first served, 100 people
Seminar: foreigners, who just came to Kyoto
Party: everyone is welcome, reservation is required
【Fee】: foreigners who will attend both the Seminar and the Party: free
those who participate only in the Party: 500 yen
※Before you apply, please make sure to double-check your schedule.
March 20(Wed./National Holiday)~April 2(Tue.) "Kitano Odori" Free invitation for Iternational Students ①14:00(Entrance at 13:00)
②16:30(Entrance at 15:30)
The show will be performed twice a day, you can choose the day and time of performance you would like to attend.
Duration of performance:approx. 80 min.
Kamishichiken Kaburenjo
(Kyoto city, Kamigyo-ku, Imadegawa-dori Shichihonmatsu Nishi-iru, Shinsei-cho 742)
from March 19th(Tue)20:00~until capacity is reached
reservation is required, first come, first served
International Students from Designated schools
who are 25 years old and younger
up to 5 people (one person can apply for one ticket)
At the day of the performance, please show your invitation and your Student ID Card at the venue

After the free invitations reach capacity, international students under the age of 25 can use the international student discount at the reception desk at the venue to buy a ticket for half price (7,000 yen → 3,500 yen).
For the details please click「Apply」
March 15(Fri.) The 687th Subscription Concert "Friday Night Special" 19:30(Entrance at 18:30) Kyoto Concert Hall,
Main Hall
~Feb. 20(Tue.)
*the participants will be chosen by a lottery
International Students from Designated schools
up to 120 people (one person can apply for up to 2 tickets)
Fee: free
If you are chosen to participate, please show your student ID card and an invitaion letter at the reception desk.
Mar. 8(Fri.) Kyoto Shimin Kyogen Performance 19:00-21:00(Entrance at 18:30) Kyoto Kanze Kaikan Theater (44, Okazaki Enshojicho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto) Reservation required.
Feb.16(Fri.) - Feb. 21(Wed.)
If the maximum number of people who want to attend the performance will exceed, the participants will be chosen by a draw.
International Students from Designated schools
up to 15 people (one person can apply for one ticket)
Fee: free
Language: Japanese
If you are chosen to participate, please show your student ID card and an invitaion letter at the reception desk
Mar. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 Gion Corner Winter Parformance(Kyomai Dance・Chanoyu (the Art of Preparing Tea)・Ikebana flower arrangement・Koto music・Bugaku dance・Kyogen etc. The show lasts approximately 1 hour.) 18:00-/19:00- Gion Corner (605-0074 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto) come to kokoka at least 3 days before the performance
(including the days when kokoka Kyoto International Comunity House is closed)
*first come, first served basis
International Students from Designated schools
up to 8 people for each performance (up to 2 tickets for each person)
Fee: free Please come to kokoka Kyoto Intenational Community House to pick up a ticket.
*Student ID is required to get the ticket/Reservation not accepted

kokoka Family Program

The "kokoka Family Program" involves matching Kyoto families with international students to support their life in Kyoto.

See more

PICNIK (Program for InterCultural Nexus in Kyoto)

Would you like to share your country’s culture with elementary and middle school students?

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Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass

What is the Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass?

If you are an international student in Kyoto, in order to enrich your experience here you are able to enter various locations free of charge. When you visit a given location, you will need to show the “Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass” (provided here) and your student ID card.

EligibilityDesignated Schools (Please check if you belong to a designated school to confirm eligibility)
Usable Period July - August,January - February
Locations able to visit throughout the year: Nidec Kyoto Tower (~2025/3/31, except Aug.16 and Jan.1 ), Garden Museum Hiei (4/20 (Saturday) - 12/8 (Sunday), closed on Thursday *Opened May 2nd and August 15. Please contact directly for further information)
Number of times it can be usedUnlimited
FacilitiesList of facilities you can enter

Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass for Japanese Students

If a Japanese student is with an international student and both belong to designated schools, then they too can gain free access to various locations free of charge. Please note that the number of Japanese students should be the same as, or less than the number of international students. At the entrance of the venue, the Japanese student will need to show their student ID card and display the Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass (for Japanese students) to staff.

Facilities you can enter with the Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu Pass

  • 1. Nijo Castle
  • 2. Murin-an
  • 3. Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art (only the collection room)
  • 4. Kyoto City Zoo
  • 5. Kyoto International Manga Museum
  • 6. Kyotomangekyo Museum
  • 7. Kyoto Municipal Science Center For Youth
  • 8. Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History
  • 9. Otani University Museum
  • 10. Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum and Archives
  • 11. Kyoto University Museum
  • 12. Kyoto Museum for World Peace
  • 13. Forest of Life
  • 14. Ryukoku Museum(series exhibition only)
  • 15. Kyoto Botanical Gardens
  • 16. Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa
  • 17. Tomomi Iwakura former secluded residence
  • 18. Kyoto Tower("Nidec Kyoto Tower" :from April, 2024)l
  • 19. Garden Museum Hiei

Designated Schools

Universities etc.1.Ikenobo College
2.Otani University
3.Kyoto Kacho University and Kacho Junior College
4.Kyoto University
5.Kyoto University of foreign Studies・Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages
6.Kyoto University of Education
7.Kyoto College of Economics
8.Kyoto Institute of Technology
9.Kyoto Sangyo University
10.Kyoto Women's University
11.Kyoto City University of Arts
12.Kyoto Seika University
13.Kyoto University of Arts and Design
14.Kyoto Tachibana University
15.Kyoto Prefectual University
16.Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
17.Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
18.Kyoto Koka Women's University
19.Kyoto Saga University of Arts
20.Shuchiin University
21.Doshisha University
22.Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
23.Kyoto Notre Dame University
24.Hanazono University
25.Bukkyo University
26.Ritsumeikan University
27.Ryukoku University
28.Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics
29.Heian Jogakuin College
30.Kyoto University of Advanced Science
31.Kyoto Arts and Crafts University
32.Kyoto College of Nursing
33.Kyoto Study Center, the Open University of Japan
Japanese Language Schools1.ARC Academy Kyoto
2.Kyoshin Language Academy Kyoto Chuo School
3.Academy of Kansai Language School
4.Kyoto International Academy of Japanese Language
5.Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center
6.KJLS Kyoto Japanese Language School
7.Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language
8.Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School
9.Kyoto Reigaku International Academy
10.Kyoto YMCA College Japanese Course
11.JCL Foreign Language School
12.Nihongo Center
13.Katugaku Shoin
14.SCG Japan Language School
15.Japan International Language Academy kyoto
16.YIC Kyoto Japanese Academy
17.ISI Language School, Kyoto
18.Kamei Japanese Language School
19.Kyoto Asuka Academy
20.Kyoto Language and Culture Gakuin
Kyoto Prefecture Advanced Vocational Schools 1.Kyoto Architectual College
2.Kyoto Institute of Technology and Automobile Engineering
3.Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoto Ekimae
4.Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kamogawa
5.Kyoto Computer Gakuin Rakuhoku
6.Kyoto Institute of Automobile Technology
7.Kyoto Butsugen Educational School
8.Kyoto Barber & Beauty College
9.Amuse Hair Beauty College
10.Kyoto Beauty College
11.YIC Kyoto Beauty College
12.YIC Kyoto Pet General College
13.Kyoto Culinary Institute
14.Kyoto Pastary & Bakery Art College
15.Kyoto College of Nutritional & Medical Sciences
16.Kyoto College of Social Welfare
17.Kyoto Medical Welfare College
18.Kyoto YMCA International College of Welfare
19.Kyoto Animal College
20.Kyoto Institute of Design
21.Kyoto College of Hotel, Tourism & Bridal Management
22.Ohara College of Business and Bookkeeping
23.Kyoto Shika Eisei Gakuin Senmon Gakko
24.Kyoto Public Official & IT Accounting College
25.Academie de Ballet de Kyoto
26.Urasenke School of Tea
27.Sundai Yobi gakko(Preparatory Schoo)l Kyoto School
28.Kyoto Career College of Foreign Languages
29.Kyoto Kawakami Fukushoku Senmon Gakko
30.Knitted Fashion College
31.Butsuryu Colege
32.Japanese Red Cross Kyoto Daini School of Nursing
33.Kyoto College of Health and Hygiene
34.Kinki Technical College of Nursing
35.Kyoto College of Dental Hygienists & Technicians
36.Kyoto Culture and Medicine College
37.Kyoto College of Medical Health
38.Japanese Red Cross Kyoto Daiichi School of Nursing
39.Rakuwakai Kyoto Health School
40.The Nursing Schol of Kyoto Medical Association
41.Kyoto Chuo Nursing and Insurance College
42.Kyoto Katsura Nursing School
43.National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center School of Nursing and Midwifery
44.Kyoto Kinki Joho Upper Secondary Specialized Training Scool
45.Kyoto Design & Technology
46.Kyoto Prefectural Welfare Center for the Visual Imaratient