About Applying

Q.1Where can I find the availability guidelines of the facilities of Kyoto International Community House (kokoka)?
A.Please see our homepage for the facilities available for rent, or inquire about them by phone. (075-752-3010)
Application Process
Q.2From when can I file an application?
A.For rental of all facilities, applications are accepted from the first business day of the month one year before the month in which the event is scheduled. Please contact us in case of international exchange events, an international conference, etc., that requires reservations to be made in advance of the above mentioned dates.
Q.3Until when can I file an application?
A.For rental of the Event Hall, applications are accepted until one month prior to the event. For rental of the other facilities, applications are accepted up to the day that you need it if it is still available.
Q.4We have some plans for the date we want to rent.
A.Please inquire about it. (075-752-3010)
Q.5Is the rental fee different between weekdays and weekends?
A.Yes, it is. Please click here for details.
Application Process
Q.6What about the payment?
A.Please pay rental fees within two weeks after submitting your application. Please pay by cash at the information desk of Kyoto International Community House (kokoka) or make a bank transfer.
Q.7What about the cancellation fee?
A.Please inquire about it. (075-752-3010) The cancellation charges vary.
Application Process
Q.8Can I apply by telephone?
A.We don't accept applications on the phone. Please file your application at the information desk of Kyoto International Community House (kokoka) or download the application form and mail a printed copy to us.(not e-mail)
Q.9Can I park anywhere on Kyoto International Community House (kokoka) grounds when I apply?
A.Yes, we have pay parking for 33 cars. Please note that we do not offer any discounts for the parking fee.
Q.10How can I apply from overseas?
A.Come directly to Kyoto International Community House and make inquiries in person, or have someone in Japan make the inquiry for you. Payments must be made in advance.

About using the facilities

Q.11From what time can we use the facilities?
A.If you rent facilities in the morning, you can use them from 9:00; in the afternoon, from 13:00; in the evening, from 18:00.
Q.12Can I eat and drink in any of the facilities? Can we use them for parties?
A.It depends on which facility.
You can use the Event Hall and the Special Conference Room for parties. In the other facilities, you can have light food and drinks, but no alcohol.
Q.13Can I set up an information desk for the event in the passageway?
A.In principle, we do not allow it. But please inquire about it. (075-752-3010)
Q.14Can I play music in the facilities?
A.Please inquire about it before the event is to be held. (075-752-3010)
※In the case that we have complaint about the sound volume, we may ask you stop playing.
Q.15Can I post any notices on the wall in the facilities?
A.We do not allow it. We have boards for posting notices; please use them.
Q.16Can I smoke in the facilities?
A.Smoking is prohibited in all our buildings. You may smoke only in the designated area in front of the main entrance.
Q.17Can you arrange my table layout at the facilities and return them to the former positions?
A.We will not arrange the layout for you, but you may do it by yourself. Please return the tables and chairs to their former positions before you leave.
Q.18Can I send materials ahead of time to be used for the event?
A.Yes, you can send them up to two days prior to the event. Please inform us before sending them, and please include a slip with the following information: the date that you will use the facilities, the name of the facilities that you will use, and your name. However, do not send any valuables. We do not bear any responsibility for theft or damage of any materials. If you plan to send a lot of materials, you can rent extra space from us to keep them in.
Q.19Can you send remaining materials back to us after our event?
A.Please arrange for a courier by yourself and pay them on delivery. If you have any difficulties, please inquire us.
Q.20Can I extend the time of using the facilities?
A.It is possible, but this depends on whether others have made reservations or not. For more information about the extension charge and its procedure, please inquire.
Q.21Can I inspect the facilities beforehand?
A.Yes, it is possible. Please make an appointment beforehand. (075-752-3010)

About rental equipment

Q.22Can I rent any equipment?
A.Yes, we have some equipment for rent. Please look at the User's Guide.

User's Guide(PDF)*Japanese
Q.23Can I bring my own equipment into the facilities?
A.Yes, you can. But please inquire in case you require a big power source.
Q.24Can I use internet in the facilities?
A.Cable Internet is available in the facilities, except for the Annex. (Please bring your own internet cables.)
Q.25Is there a copy machine?
A.Yes. We have a pay copy machine for a small fee.
Q.26Can I buy something to drink at Kyoto International Community House (kokoka)?
A.Vending machines are also located on every floor.
(The cafeteria was closed on February 14, 2021.)
Q.27Are there any restrooms for physically handicapped people?
A.Yes, we have them on every floor.
Q.28Is there any place to breast feed a child?
A.Yes, we offer a room for it in the office. Please request this at the information desk of Kyoto International Community House (kokoka).
Q.29Is there any place to change a baby's diaper?
A.Yes, Diaper Changing Stations are available in the restroom for women on every floor, and in the restroom for men on the second floor.
Q.30Is there any place for praying?
A.Yes, we offer a room for this in the office, but only for a small number of people because the room is small.

Other questions

Q.31Will you dispose of garbage that I produce after the event?
A.Yes, but we ask for your cooperation in separating the trash, into burnables, recyclables (empty cans and plastic bottles) and cardboard. (A large amount of trash, of course, may be not accepted.) We can supply trush bags, or please bring your own clear plastic bags.
Q.32Can you call a taxi for me?
A.It is possible for you to call a taxi at the information desk of Kyoto International Community House (kokoka).
Q.33Can I reserve parking?
A.We do not accept reservations for parking.
Q.34Can you post our event information in your publication?
A.Yes, we will post your event information in the "Event Calendar" in print and on our web site if you wish.
Event Calendar