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Japanese Classes

Japanese Lessons at the kokoka Kyoto International Community House

Volunteer's Room Japanese Class

Japanese classes taught by volunteers registered with the Kyoto City International Foundation. All students regardless of their level can join a class at any time. Purchase a ticket (\100 per lesson). No advanced reservations are required. Classes are offered from Tuesday to Sunday.

Easy Japanese

This class aims at helping non-native Japanese speakers become accustomed to the life in Kyoto quickly. There are two courses, an introductory level and elementary level. Each course consists of 12 consecutive lessons over three months. Lessons are held once a week. During the summer season, the lessons are held twice a week for one and half months. Tuition is required.
*kokoka Kyoto International Community House accepts applications.

Other Japanese Classes in Kyoto

Japanese Classes for Foreign Residents

Kyoto Prefectural International Center TEL:075-342-5000
Time and dates:(1) Saturday course:once a week (2) Monday/Thursday course:twice a week
*Both courses are held from 10:30 - 12:45
Fee:(1)4,000 yen/ 10 times (2)6,000 yen/ 20 times

Japanese lessons taught by volunteers

Kyoto International Cultural Association (KICA) TEL:075-751-8958
Time and Dates: Private lessons available 10:00 – 20:00
Fee:500 yen for a 90min lesson, 1,000 yen initial membership fee


Kyoto YWCA TEL:075-431-0351
Time and Dates: Mon-Sat. one 1hr 30mins class a week.
*Please consult the office because the lessons are offered for groups of different levels.
Fee:2,600 yen/ 4 times a month (plus textbook fees)

Satuday Japanese Class

Fushimi Youth Center TEL:075-611-4910
Time and Dates:Sat. 10:00 - 11:30
Fee:2,000 yen ticket for 10 lessons

Nihongo-kukan Kyoto

Time and Dates:Mon. - Thu., One 90 mins lesson a week
Fee:\1,200/ 90 mins (The fee for one class only costs \1,500)
*Please contact the office at jskkyoto@yahoo.co.jp for the schedule because the lessons are offered in groups of different levels.

Tachibana Club

Venue: Yamashina Youth Action Center, Meeting Room
Time and Date:Thu., 18:30 - 20:30
Fee:200 yen/ 1 time