Where you can learn Japanese

Japanese Classes

● Japanese lessons at the kokoka Kyoto International Community House

① Japanese classes taught by volunteers registered with the Community House.  
All students regardless of their level are accepted at any time. Purchase a ticket (100 yen for one lesson). No advanced reservations are required. Classes are from Tuesday to Sunday.

② Easy Japanese
This class aims at helping non-native Japanese speakers become accustomed to the life of Kyoto quickly.
There are two courses, an introductory level and elementary level. Each course is 12 lessons over a three-month period. Lessons are held once a week. During the summer season, the lessons are held twice a week for one and half months. Tuition is required.
* kokoka Kyoto International Community House accepts applications.



● “Japanese Classes for Foreign Residents” held by Kyoto Prefectural International Center

Address:Mielparque Kyoto B1F, Higashi shiokojicho 676-13, Higashitoindori-shiokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku B1F  
Time and dates:(1) Saturday course:once a week (2) Monday/Thursday course:twice a week  
Both courses are held from 10:15am to 12:30pm
Fees:(1)4,000 yen/ 10 times (2)6,000 yen/ 20 times



●“Japanese lessons taught by volunteers” held by Kyoto International Cultural Association (KICA)

Address:kokoka Kyoto International Community House, 3F
Time and Dates:Private appointments are accepted from 10am - 8pm)
Fees:500 yen for a 90min lesson, 1,000 yen initial membership fee



● “RAKU-RAKU” held by Kyoto YWCA

Address:Konoe-cho 44, Muromachi-Demizu-agaru, Kamigyo-ku
Time and Dates:once a week, 1hr 30mins classes available from Mon through Sat.
Please consult the office because there are different levels for group lessons.
Fees:2,600 yen/ 4 times a month (plus textbook fees)



● Fushimi Youth Center

Venue:Fushimi Ward Office 4F(Takajo-cho 39-2, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto)
Time and Dates:10:00-11:30 on Saturdays
Fees:2,000 yen ticket for 10 lessons



● Nihongo-kukan Kyoto

Address:Royal terrace Kaoru 1F, 24Yabushitacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Time and Dates:10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri
Fee:1,200 yen/ two hours



● Tachibana Club

Venue: Yamashina Seishonen Katsudo Center, Meeting Room
Time and Date:18:30-20:30 on Thursdays
Fee:200 yen/ 1 time


List of Japanese language schools and universities which provide Japanese language classes

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Kyoto Gaikokugo Daigaku)  Tel:075-322-6043
Ryukoku University (Ryukoku Daigaku)  Tel:075-645-7898
Doshisha University (Doshisha Daigaku) Japanese Language/Culture Education Center  Tel:075-251-3240
ARC Academy Kyoto  Tel:075-353-7566
Kyoshin Language Academy Kyoto Chuo School Introduction  Tel:075-352-0695
Kansai Gogen Gakuin  Tel:075-647-1000
Kyoto International Academy  Tel:075-466-4881
Kyoto Japanese language training Center
(Kyoto Computer Gakuin)
The Kyoto Center FOR Japanese Linguistic Studies, Kyoto Japanese Language School (Kyoto Nihongo Kyoiku Center Kyoto Nihongo Gakko)  Tel:075-414-0449
Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language (Kyoto Bunka Nihongo Gakko)  Tel:075-722-5066
Kyoto National Japanese Institute (Kyoto Minsai Nihongo Gakko)  Tel:075-316-0190
Kyoto International School of Etiquette and Music (Kyoto Reigaku Kokusai Gakuin)  Tel:075-602-0339
Kyoto YMCA Japanese Language Courses (Kyoto YMCA Nihongo-ka)  Tel:075-255-3287
JCL Foreign Language Academy (JCL Gaikokugo Gakuin)  Tel:075-644-1717
Japanese Center (Nihongo Center)  Tel:075-344-3776
Kyoto Shugetsu Gakuen  Tel:075-603-5099
Katsugaku Syoin  Tel:075-812-8682
Rakuhoku Nihongo Gakuen  Tel:075-722-0722
Japan Internationl Language Academy (Nihon Kokusai Gogaku Academy)  Tel:075-284-1192
YIC Kyoto Japanese Academy  Tel:075-371-9007
International Study Institute Kyoto Campus  Tel:075-803-6120