Easy Japanese

This is a Japanese language class to help those whose native tongue is not Japanese become comfortable with life in Kyoto sooner.

About Classes

Depending on the level of students, there are 2 types of classes, “Easy Japanese I (Yasashii Nihongo I)” and “Easy Japanese Ⅱ (Yasashii Nihongo Ⅱ)”.

Easy Japanese Ⅰ(Yasashii Nihongo I) This is the class for those studying Japanese for the first time. Learn the basic Japanese that you need for your everyday life, including greetings, eating, and shopping.
Easy Japanese Ⅱ(Yasashii Nihongo Ⅱ)For students who can read and write hiragana and katakana. Students enhance the Japanese they have already acquired. They also practice writing sentences.

Each course is 3 months long (total 12 classes) and the fee is \7,000. Classes are held every Friday. Application form is available at the reception counter 1F

Schedule (April 2019- June 2019)

Date Time Place Fixed number Application period
Easy Japanese Ⅰ 4/12,19,26 5/3,10, 17, 24, 31 6/7, 14, 21, 28 9:30~11:30
Conference room #3(3F) 20 students 3/1~4/11
Easy Japanese Ⅱ 18:30~20:30 Conference room #1(1F)