Bank and Post office

Opening a bank account

How to open an account

To open an account at a bank or post office account, you must follow the application procedures. An ordinary saving account (futsu yokin koza) can be opened and you will receive a cash card (ATM card) for depositing one yen or more.

<What items are needed for opening a saving account?>

  • ① Resident card
  • ② Health Insurance Card
  • ③ Student ID (if you are a student)
  • ④ Your seal (depending on the institution, signatures are acceptable)
  • ⑤ Cash (one yen or more)

◆ Cash card (ATM)

Cash cards are very convenient for depositing and withdrawing money.
To access your account, you must enter your pin or four digit code number into an ATM. ATMs are also available at convenience stores.

<ATM Operating Hours>
* Banks:
Weekdays 9:00 - 21:00 (approx.)
Weekends 9:00 - 18:00 (approx.)
* Post Offices:
Weekdays 9:00 - 19:00 (approx.)
Weekends 9:00 - 17:00 (approx.)
※ Operating hours vary depending on the institution

Using automatic debit transfer to pay for utility bill

You can use automatic debit transfer to pay for public utility bills, such as electricity, gas, telephone, NHK subscription fee, etc. You must bring your seal and your customer number with you to the bank to apply for this service.
These charges can also be paid at any convenience store.

Overseas Remittances

From banks

Necessary information for sending money: Write the recipient’s bank name, branch name, account type, account number, address, name, and telephone number on the form.
* If you want to receive money, send the same information about yourself and your account, as above, to the sender.

From a Post Office

<International Postal Remittance>
① Sending money directly to a recipient’s address
Send a foreign exchange certificate (kawaseshou-sho) directly to the address of the recipient by post. The recipient should submit this to their local post office to collect the money.
② Sending money to someone’s saving account
You may also transfer money to a recipient’s postal saving account. The handling charge for this method is less than sending money to the recipient’s address.

<International Postal Transfer>
International postal transfer can be used only if both the sender and receiver have postal transfer accounts.
※ This service is not available for some countries. The time it takes to complete a transfer varies from country to country.
Saving Section of Kyoto Central Post Office (Kyoto Chuo Yubinkyoku) Tel:365-2511

Money Exchange

Exchanging Foreign Currencies

Banks that exchange foreign currency usually have signboards displaying “Ministry of Finance Authorized Money Exchanger”. They also accept traveler’s checks. Some discount ticket shops also offer money changing service.
There may be vending machines for money exchange at some sightseeing sites and stations.

Tis Kyoto Store075-352-5341 In front of the central entrance of JR Kyoto Station
Money Changing Corner, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Shijo Branch 075-223-2866 Marui Bldg. 1st Floor Shijo-Kawaramachi
World Currency Shop 075-365-7750 Kyoto Station Bldg. 8th Floor
Foreign Currency Exchange, International Customer Service Counter, Daimaru Kyoto 075-211-8111 Daimaru Kyoto, 7th Floor
Foreign Currency Changing Specialty Shop “Travelex Japan”Shijo, Kyoto 075-257-5671 Nissei Shijo Yanaginobanba Bldg. Japan Travel Center
Ticket Shop Tokai, Sanjo-Kawaramachi Branch 075-221-1881 Capital Bldg. 1st Floor North-East corner of Kawaramachi-Sanjo

Places to withdraw cash with an overseas debit or credit card

Cards that feature VISA, Plus, MasterCard or CIRRUS logos are accepted at the following places.

Takashimaya Department Store, 7F
Kyoto Tower, B1F
Kyoto Family Shopping Center, 1F

* ATMs in all post offices and Seven Eleven Bank ATMs at Seven Eleven Convenience Stores accept the above-mentioned credit cards.

Postal Services

Post Offices (Yubin-kyoku)

Name 24 hr. Service Telephone
Kyoto Central Post Office
Kyoto Kita Post Office
Nishijin Post Office
Sakyo Post Office
Nakagyo Post Office
Higashiyama Post Office
Kyoto Nishi Post Office
Ukyo Post Office
Fushimi Higashi Post Office
Fushimi Post Office
Yamashina Post Office
Rakusai Post Office

Open hours

※ Since the hours for each post office may differ, please confirm beforehand.

Small local post offices:Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00
Large post offices:Monday to Friday 9:00 to 19:00
Saturdays confirm with post office
Sundays confirm with post office

Postal service on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and at night

Some post offices accept mail 24 hours a day
Offices and facilities are listed on here.

How to send money by post

<Genkin Kakitome>
A special envelope called a “Cash Registration Envelope” is used to send money and letters together. Cash up to 500,000 yen can be sent. A transaction fee is required. You must go to a post office to use this service.

※ You can also send money by postal money order in a sealed envelope.

Other services offered by post offices

When moving When you sign up for mail forwarding, the post office will forward mail addressed to your old address to your new address for 1 year (free).
When you are not at home In case you are not at home and will not be able to receive a parcel or registered mail, a notification slip will be left in your mail box. Show this slip along with some type of ID to the post office within a week to receive your parcel.
When you are away from home
for a long period
If you will be away from home for a long period, you can sign up for mail holding service. The Post Office will keep your mail for up to 30 days and deliver at a later date.
If you soil a pre-stamped postcard Spoiled post cards can be exchanged for new ones at the post offices for five yen a sheet

International Electronic Mail (kokusai denshi yubin )

Your message is sent by fax from your local post office to the receiver’s local post office, and the message will be delivered to the receiver’s address by post. It will arrive on the same day or the next day. Maximum paper size for electronic mail is A4.     
* For further information, call
Kyoto Central Post Office Tel:075-365-2471

◎Postal service solutions for people living in Japan.
Practical Guide for International Students

Courier and Express Delivery Services

If you would like a parcel delivered to someone, you can use a courier or express delivery service companies in addition to the postal service.
Some companies visit your house to pick-up large parcels, and in some cases delivery companies can be cheaper and faster than the postal service. Most delivery companies offer services at convenience stores.