Kyoto Multi-culture Support Network

The “Kyoto Multi-culture Support Network” is a network of support groups for foreign people and individuals who conduct activities in the Kyoto and Shiga areas. Its purpose is to build relationships among those groups based on cooperation, work together on site and create a networked environment.

Main Activities

The Network holds meetings every other month at kokoka Kyoto International Community House. Setting up subjects related to multicultural issues, the Network conducts the “Global Session” and other programs which provide opportunities to discuss each group’s and member’s expertise and experiences and to converse with foreign residents.

Participating Groups

  • YWCA APT(Asian People Together)
  • NPO法人京都コリアン生活センター「エルファ」
  • 京都外国人高齢者・障がい者生活支援ネットワーク「モア」
  • 京都市行政通訳相談員グループ
  • 夕陽紅(シーヤンホン)の会
  • Office Com Junto
  • NPO法人東九条まちづくりサポートセンターまめもやし
  • 京都市地域・多文化交流ネットワークサロン
  • 「やさしい日本語」を広める会
  • (公財)京都市国際交流協会

(random order) as of December 2018