Consultation Provided by Specialists (Legal, Visa, Tax, Labor, Mental Health)

Legal Advice and Guidance on Immigration Procedures

You can consult specialists about issues related to legal procedures, marriage/divorce, traffic accident, change/renewal of resident status, administrative procedures, etc.

Twice a month/13:30~16:00 (Consultation duration: about 30 min.)

Counseling Days

In addition to providing advice on legal and immigration procedures, specialists of taxes, social insurance, pensions, labor conditions, and mental health issues offer consultation services.

Four times a year/13:00 ~ 17:00 (Consultation duration: about 30 min. For Mental Health, about 60 min.)

Person/People who can consult  Foreign residents or those who don’t speak Japanese
* Interpreters for English, Chinese and other languages are available.
Place kokoka Kyoto City International House
Fee free of charge

TEL: 075-752-3511
※please phone us or visit to make a reservation. Reservation by e-mails of fax is not available.

Yearly Schedule

Year Month Day
 2024 April  6(Sat)  20(Sat)
May  4(Sat)  18(Sat)
June  1(Sat)  15(Sat)●
July  6(Sat)  20(Sat)
August  3(Sat)  17(Sat)
September  7(Sat)  21(Sat)●
October  5(Sat)  19(Sat)
November  16(Sat)  30(Sat)
December  7(Sat)  21(Sat)●
 2025 January  11(Sat)  25(Sat)
February  1(Sat)  15(Sat)●
March  1(Sat)  15(Sat)

Days marked with ● are Counseling Days