Governmental Offices

Municipal Offices

Kyoto City Hall (Kyoto Shiyakusho)  Tel:075-222-3111
Kyoto City International Relations Office
(Kyoto-shi Kokusaika Suishin-shitsu)
Kyoto Prefectural Government (Kyoto Fucho)  Tel:075-451-8111
Kyoto Prefectural Office International Division (Kyoto-fu Kokusaika)  Tel:075-414-4311

Ward Office/Branch Ward Offices; Public Health & Welfare Centers

Kita Ward  Tel:075-432-1181
Kamigyo Ward  Tel:075-441-0111
Sakyo Ward  Tel:075-702-1000
Nakagyo Ward  Tel:075-812-0061
Higashiyama Ward  Tel:075-561-1191
Yamashina Ward  Tel:075-592-3050
Shimogyo Ward  Tel:075-371-7101
Minami Ward  Tel:075-681-3111
Ukyo Ward  Tel:075-861-1101
Nishikyo Ward  Tel:075-381-7121
Rakusai Branch  Tel:075-332-8111
Fushimi Ward  Tel:075-611-1101
Fukakusa Branch  Tel:075-642-3101
Daigo Branch  Tel:075-571-0003

Pension Office (Nenkin Jimusho)

Pension offices reissue a pension book, pension certificate, and receive notifications related to health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, collect insurance fees, and provide consultations on pension services.

Kamigyo Pension Office  Tel:075-415-1165
Nakagyo Pension Office  Tel:075-251-1165
Shimogyo Pension Office  Tel:075-341-1165
Kyoto-minami Pension Office  Tel:075-341-1165
Kyoto-nishi Pension Office  Tel:075-323-1170
Pension Consultation Center Kyoto Office*  Tel:075-382-2606

* Consultation services are provided in person at the office (not available on the phone). Reissuing a pension certificate/transfer notification is not available.