International Information and Resources

International Cultural Organizations

Organizations Telephone
Institut franco-japonais du Kansai (French Consulate General in Kyoto) *Japanese/French075-761-2105
Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa *Japanese/German 075-761-2188
Centro Culturale Italo Giapponese di Kyoto *Japanese 075-761-4356
Islamic Culture Center *Japanese 075-231-3499
Kansai American Center 06-6315-5900

Message Boards-Living Information

Message boards provide useful information for daily life, such as opportunities to make new friends, to sell and buy things, to learn foreign languages, and to search for a room to rent. They also may provide information on various events in Kyoto. Message boards are available at the following places.

kokoka Kyoto International Community House 075-752-3511
Kyoto YWCA 075-431-0351
Kyoto Prefectural International Center 075-342-5000