Volunteer Activities

Kyoto City International Foundation provides various exchange and support projects with the purpose of promoting mutual intercommunication and understanding among people with different cultural backgrounds including foreign residents in Kyoto and surrounding areas. Getting involved in volunteer activities in a proactive and self-motivating manner leads you to think about Kyoto being a more internationally minded city and general society becoming more inclusive. We wish to develop a regional community where anybody can feel comfortable and at home. The Foundation provides opportunities for volunteer activities and support to nurture human resources.

Eligible People

  • ・Those 18 years old or older (high school students are not accepted)
  • ・Those deeply interested in supporting and interacting in activities subject to foreign residents and willing to proactively participate in the Foundation’s volunteer activities.
  • ・Those who can facilitate smooth contact with the Foundation during the period they are registered as a volunteer and get involved in the activities in cooperation with other volunteer members.

How to Enter

Please participate in volunteer recruitment orientations (3 to 4 times a year) and apply from our specifically set up website.
Please note there are some activities that applicants must observe before they apply.

Period of Activity

One year from April to March of the following year.
Those who want to continue participating in these activities must renew their application every fiscal year.


To ensure the safety of all volunteers participating in these activities, the Foundation obtains volunteer insurance offered by the Kyoto City Social Welfare Council.

Volunteer Activities

* Please check the conditions of daily activities on the Volunteer Blog.

1.kokoka Family Program

Applied families welcome foreign student living in Kyoto in order to introduce festivals and seasonal events in Kyoto and enjoy them together.
The purpose of this activity is to deepen mutual understanding and interchange as family members.
This may offer psychological help through providing consultation and tips about everyday life in Japan.
This is not a Home Stay activity.


Reporting, editing, and translating stories and articles for an informational magazine for foreign residents. Assuming the main readers are foreign residents,
the magazine provides information about daily living, cultural information, tourism in Kyoto (Japan), and introduces seasonal events and other matters.

3.Advisers for Civic Life

At the Information Service Corner in kokoka, volunteers provide advice related to various everyday living matters to foreign residents of Kyoto.

4.Kyoto Guide Club

Planning and operating day tours to introduce Kyoto to foreigners (about 10 times per year) as well as holding study sessions
and accompanying the groups on tour day. These one-day tours not only to introduce tourism sights but other attractive points of Kyoto, too.

5.Multilanguage Bank

We are recruiting people who can interpret/translate languages other than English.

6.Interpreting/Translating at Times of Disaster

When a large scale disasters such as earthquakes occur in Kyoto and neighboring prefectures and regions,
these volunteers will offer support to foreigners who don’t have sufficient Japanese communication skills and cannot obtain necessary and imperative information.

7.Providing Japanese Language Support for Elementary/Junior High School Students in the City

Volunteers go to municipal elementary and junior high school about once or twice a week (about 1 hour per visit. Schedule is determined taking into consideration requests
from the the Board of Education and the volunteer) to provide Japanese language tutoring for children/students who need extra Japanese study after school hours.

8.Hotto Chat

Operates the gatherings of parents who are raising small children.
Volunteers support participants interact by talking about raising children in Japan and in foreign countries with activities for parents and children.

9.kokoka Kids Club (koko Kids)

Providing learning support for children who are descendants of foreign nationals (from ages 6 to 12, including returnee children) and place to communicate in Japanese for parents to use while raising children.

10.Planning and Operating Events

Attending events conducted by the Foundation as staff members. Also, planning, operating and promoting international exchange events subject to foreign residents in the city.

11.Japanese Language Tutors

Supporting people whose mother tongue is not Japanese to learn Japanese at kokoka Japanese Language class.
Not only Japanese lessons but offering an environment where students can learn Japanese that they can use in everyday living.

※Maximum volunteer period for tutors is 5 years.

12.Online Japanese-learning support

We are giving support to non-Japanese people in their studies, by using online tools. The main focus will be on “listening” and “speaking”. Conditions of participation: Being interested in Japanese language education, being a student between the age of 18 and 30.