Checking Out Global Understanding Educational Materials

Clothing and small articles from various countries can be checked out for educational purposes. The purpose is to help young people gain understanding and interest in a multi-cultural society.

Terms for Checking out Materials

Please note the terms of checking out materials before proceeding.

  • 1. These materials are checked out only to schools, educational organizations and associations in the Kyoto area.
  • 2. These items are to be checked out with the purpose of providing educational events and classes for global understanding with hands on materials. They cannot be used for commercial activities.
  • 3. Checking out these materials is free of charge. The maximum check out period is 2 weeks. However, during a season when many groups want to check them out, the period may be shorter. If you want to extend the period, please consult with us beforehand.


  • 1. If educational material is lost or damaged either intentionally or negligently, we may ask you to pay a fee for repair or repurchase.
  • 2. Even after an application is completed, we may not be able to check out materials if they are damaged.

List of Countries Educational Materials are From

There are educational materials from the following countries and regions. For details, please contact us.

Korea, China, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thai, Myanmar, Mongolia, Asia, Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Arabian region, Africa, Kirghizstan, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Britain, Peru, Brazil, El Salvador, Australia