kokoka Online Nihongo (For foreign employees of companies and groups)
Group lessons for foreign employees

Do you have difficulty providing Japanese language education to employees who are foreign nationals,
given the increasing demand for foreign employees?


To nurture and retain good employees, introducing Japanese language education at an early stage and letting them “study regularly,” “study autonomously,” and “learn through real-life use” are the keys for employees from foreign countries to improve their Japanese language ability.


Learning the language that is relevant to their work and daily living enables foreign employees to work more efficiently and have smooth communication with Japanese colleagues.

Why foreign employees need Japanese language study?

Introducing the elements of Japanese language education.

It includes interviews with people who teach and those who learn to speak Japanese talking about conversations with others and sharing their experiences.

3 Features

  • ・Online class held by experienced Japanese language instructors.
  • ・It certainly improves Japanese language ability required for effective communication in daily life and in the work environment.
  • ・Kyoto City International Foundation supports foreign employees in a variety of ways, including providing cultural experiences and consultation sessions.

3 Tips

  • ・Online lessons give learners a stress-free learning environment without having to worry about place and time.
  • ・A course coordinator conducts an interview beforehand to provide a program for the person to learn Japanese that relates to real-life situations and improves the ability to use the language effectively, while gaining knowledge of the Japanese language in a systematic manner.
  • ・We introduce a personalized approach to learning Japanese and provide exercises to promote more use of the language, even supporting students’ Japanese study outside of class.


  • ・15 x 90 min. lessons (1 term: about 4 months/once a week) *Please ask the days and time.
  • ・Group lessons composed of 3 to 10 students.
  • ・Giving assignments to students for their self-directed study.
  • ・Providing opportunities to speak with Japanese people other than their instructors in class.


1.Beginner Level Class (A1~A2 level. About N4)
2.Early Middle Level (B1 level, About N3)
* This class is suitable for those who have already taken about 150 hours of Japanese lessons.
* Levels are based on the Japanese Language Division of the Agency for Cultural Affairs
Please refer to “Japanese Language Education Framework of Reference”

C2Proficient language user
B2Middle level language user
A2Beginner stage language user

Study materials

Learners can study independently using the materials that enable them to obtain in an integrated way basic competence in Japanese, including grammar, vocabulary, and kanji (Chinese characters).
* Study materials follow the guidelines of the “Japanese Language Education Framework of Reference” of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. They include various real-life situations and issues people face in Japan, placing emphasis on learning Japanese that one can actually use in daily life.

How to enroll and begin classes

STEP ① Application

STEP ② Course coordinator’s interview

STEP ③ Payment

Please pay in advance based on the invoice.

STEP ④ Checking Online Connection / Orientation (Explanation Session)

With all participating students, a session is held for an online check and introduction to the course. (This is not counted as a lesson.)

STEP ⑤ First Lesson

STEP ⑥ Last Lesson

・The learning process and results are shared with the company’s employee development coordinator with a portfolio of all materials submitted by students and results of student questionnaires.
・We ask the company’s employee development coordinator to complete a questionnaire regarding changes observed in the students.


Please feel free to make inquiries and ask for an estimate of the lesson fee.
【Inquiry・Request for Estimate of Lesson Fee】
Kyoto City International Foundation
TEL 075-752-3511 Email office@kcif.or.jp


What is the language used in class?

Class is held in Japanese.

What does the course coordinator do in the interview?

A course coordinator checks what students need and the learning environment in the interviews with the employee development coordinator at the company and their students. By understanding each student’s situation, better quality classes can be provided. Interviews are held online or by visiting the company.

What do you need for the online class?

Stable Internet connection for effective participation. We recommend students take the class using computer or tablet type device. *Please let us know if you are attending with a smartphone.

Can I cancel or change the class?

After you pay the lesson fee, we cannot refund the fees when a student cancels their enrollment.
In principle, there are no alternative catch-up classes available.

How can I check the learning outcome of learners?

he company’s employee development coordinator can observe lessons as needed. Additionally, we can set up opportunities to show students’ learning outcomes which are shared among students, the company’s employee development coordinator, instructor, and course coordinator. (Please contact us at least 2 days before the day you would like us to set this up).

Can I have more than the standard 15 lessons?

Yes. Please consult us for the content of extended lesson.

What materials will we use?

We will use materials such as:
The Japan Foundation's "Irodori" Beginner 1 and 2
Osaka Prefectural Board of Education's "Speaking, Writing, and Communicating: About Me, About You" (15 lessons in total)
Agency for Cultural Affairs' "Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese"