COSMOS – Japanese and World Culture Programs

This is a program to provide a short course/class to introduce Japanese and other countries’ cultures. Anybody can participate without appointment.

What is COSMOS?

The Purpose of COSMOS is to nurture and support for each citizens’ group that participates in the course and is cosponsored by the Foundation. If you want to hold such a course/class, please contact us.

  • Date and Time: Second and Fourth Saturdays of the month

Schedule(October 2020 - March 2021)

Class Fee Place
10:00-12:00 Let's enjoy Chinese melody through Analcts together!
[for youth]
¥500 Community Salon(1F)
10:00-12:00 Qigong, Oriental Philosophy and body Exercises
[by Blyth]
¥1,000 (\500/student) Office room (3F)
12:30-14:30 Let's enjoy Hula dancing!【No class on Nov.28(Sat)】
[by Lealea Na Pua]
☆For adults *middle-school students or above


*International students:¥500


Community Salon(1F)



Healing Yoga Salon(basic Yoga posing, meditation etc.)
[by Bhandari]



Office room (3F)


Let's play Koto, japanese musical instrument
[by KOJIMA Ritsuko]
¥500 Community Salon(1F)

Suibokuga (Ink Painting) Course in Chinese Traditional Style

[by Unshoken Li Luiyan]

¥1,500(60min.), \2,000(90min.)

Parent and Kid \2,000(60min.)

Office Room(3F)