COSMOS – Japanese and World Culture Programs

This is a program to provide a short course/class to introduce Japanese and other countries’ cultures. Anybody can participate without appointment.

What is COSMOS?

The Purpose of COSMOS is to nurture and support for each citizens’ group that participates in the course and is cosponsored by the Foundation. If you want to hold such a course/class, please contact us.

  • Date and Time: Second and Fourth Saturdays of the month

Schedule(April - September, 2022)

Class Fee Place

"Chazen Ichimi" Tea and Zen talk in English
[by "Kissako" ITAGAKI Akiko]Exercise of Tea ceremoy as a host and talk about Zen spirit in English




Community Salon(1F)



Origami art
[by IMAI Keiko]Let's enjoy traditional and creative Origami art!



Office room (3F)



Let's play Koto, Japanese traditional musical instrument
[by KOJIMA Ritsuko]



¥500 Community Salon(1F)

★NEW★ Let's enjoy drawing "hand drawn postcard" in Kyoto!

[by Wabunka Kokusai Koryu-kai]



Office Room(3F)