COSMOS – Japanese and World Culture Programs

This is a program to provide a short course/class to introduce Japanese and other countries’ cultures. Anybody can participate without appointment.

What is COSMOS?

The purpose of COSMOS is to nurture and support for each citizens’ group that participates in the course and is cosponsored by the Foundation. If you want to hold such a course/class, please contact us.

  • Date and Time: 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month

Schedule(October, 2023 - March, 2024)

Class Fee Place

Japanese Classical Dance
[by Kyoto Dento Bunka Koryu-kai]

Learn how to wear Kimono and practice correct walking, posture, and Japanese Etiquette in Kimono before finishing short Japanese classical dance




Community Salon(1F)

"Omotenashi over Matcha" Entertaining with Matcha
[by "Wa-kei-sei-jyaku" ITAGAKI Akiko]

Tea ceremony host course.




Community Salon(1F)



★NEW★ Japanese Flower Arrangement

[by IMAI Keiko]

Learn traditional Japanese flower arrangement.



Office room (3F)



Ukurainian Folk Dance

For kids 15:00-15:50 For adults 16:00-17:00
[by Irina]

*Join us with drink, cloth easy to move in, socks, towel. 



¥500 The 1st Guest Room(1F)

Magic in English

[by Magic club Yu]

Letʼ s start to learn to do majic. You can learn easy trics and if you do them well,



Office Room(3F)

★NEW★ Play the Koto

[by Strings]

Learn how to play the Japanese traditional instrument, Koto.



Community Salon(1F)