Message Corner (Leaflet placing requires fee)

Leave your message at the message corner.The Personal Message Corner is divided into several categories including “Goods for Sale/Wanted”, “Personal Language Lessons” and “Accommodations”. You can use the Message Box (fee required) section to provide flyers for various international events and lectures as well as a space to display posters including information about everyday living for foreigners residing in Kyoto.

Message Box(fee required)

We accept applications in 1 month units.

Message Box(free of charge)

For non-profit activities. Posted a maximum 3 weeks.

Message Board

Message board in the Message Corner of kokoka. (Free of use, 3 weeks max.) You can put up 5 different kinds of advertisements. (‘Private Lessons’,‘Selling-Buying’, ‘Accomodation’, ‘Others’, ‘Hireing’)