Guide to Association

What is the Kyoto City International Foundation (KICF)?


Mayor's Greetings

Mayor of Kyoto City

In 1978,The Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures was realized. With this Declaration, the ideal of Kyoto as a city became a place where "people of any country may assemble freely and in peace regardless of race, religion or social system for the purpose of cultural exchange".
With the above as its ideal, the City of Kyoto has been active with the construction of facilities such as the Kyoto International Community House, the Kyoto Concert Hall, and as a host of conferences of the League of world Historical Cities.
The Kyoto International Community House which opened in September 1989 has served as the focal point for cultural exchange at the citizens level: the citizens of Kyoto including foreign residents of the city, and numerous visitors, are able to enjoy the support and information services offered here by the Kyoto City International Foundation.
The need for information about cultural exchange as well as the needs of foreign residents of Kyoto who seek information about the City's services has been rising steadily. Recognizing this demand for easy access to necessary information, the Kyoto City International Foundation has decided to launch a home page on the Internet, a medium which has gained recognition in recent times for itseffectiveness in disseminating information.
I sincerely hope that many people will utilize the information gained through this home page in their daily lives.
Furthermore,I hope that such services will further enhance their interest in cultural exchange.

President's Greetings

President of K.C.I.F

The Kyoto City International Foundation was founded in January 1989, and in September of the same year it made the Kyoto International Community House its base from which to promote activities at the "citizen's level". During this time, information provision activities, support activities for overseas students, internationalizing activities for the youth who will carry the next century, overseas experience activities and so on have been carried out, but this time information provision activities by the Internet havebeen started. As to the Internet, in the recent years a part of it has been noticed as some kind of a trend.
However, if the substance of Internet is the ability of "individuals" around the world who sit in front of their computers to exchange information with "individuals" around the world exceedingly "equally" and "directly", then we may flatter ourselves that it may have a large bearing to this Foundation's aim
which is to promote "international exchange at citizen's level".
From now on, by increasing the provided information in both quality and quantity, also by responding to provided information adequately, we will try to promote the true aim of this Foundation, so as to yourselves we hope that you will continue to support and cooperate as you have until now.