• Guide to our Programs

Guide to our Programs

Guide to our Programs

Introducing our Programs

Offering services to develop a multicultural environment,
especially information necessary for international cultural exchange

We hold events to support and help foreign students and foreign residents in the Kyoto area
in their everyday lives, including Japanese language classes and enjoyable cross-cultural
activities to increase mutual understanding.

Japanese Classes
Learn Japanese while building friendships with our volunteers.
Consultation and Interpretation
Offering help and assistance to make your days easier
International Students and Pre-College Student Support
Offers useful information for foreign students to enrich their lives in Kyoto
Understanding Different Culture Courses and Events
Planning and holding events to gain a greater appreciation for different cultures.
Library and Exhibition Room
You can read books and documents collected by Kyoto International Community House and enjoy original works of art.
Why don’t you join our team to meet people from different backgrounds and get to know more about other countries and cultures?
Disaster Information
Find out what to do to help you be safe in case of disaster.