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List of World Newspapers/Magazines

Newspapers (as of 2019)


China 『人民日報』 Daily Chinese
China 『北京青年報』 Daily Chinese
Hong Kong 『明報』 Daily Chinese
Japan 『Japan News』 Daily English
Japan 『International New York Times』   Daily English
Japan 『Japan Times』 Daily English
Japan 『Asahi Weekly』 Weekly  Japanese/ English
South Korea   『朝鮮日報』 Daily Korean
Taiwan 『聯合報』 Daily Chinese
Thailand 『タイラット』 Daily Thai


Britain  『The Guardian』 Daily English


Australia  『Sun Herald』   Daily  English

North America/South America  

America   『New York Times』   Daily  English

Magazines (as of 2019)


China 『読者』 Twice/month  Chinese
China 『知音』 Monthly Chinese
Hong Kong 『亜洲週刊』 Weekly Chinese
Taiwan 『典藏』 Monthly Chinese
South Korea  『Koreana』 Quarterly Japanese
South Korea 『新東亜』 Monthly Korean
Vietnam 『ベトナムスケッチ』  Monthly Japanese
Other 『Time』 Weekly English


France 『Beaux Arts』 Monthly French
Italy 『Vogue』 Monthly Italian
Britain   『New African』 Monthly English
Britain 『The Economist』  Weekly English

North America/South America  

America 『National Geographic』 Monthly English
America 『Road & Track』 Monthly English
America 『Utne Magazine』 Bi-monthly English
America 『Harper’s』 Monthly English
America 『Christian Science Monitor』 Weekly English

World Picture Book Exhibition

Become familiar with world cultures through the picture books at this exhibition. You can peruse these books at your leisure.

Exhibition of Picture Books of Historical Cities Linked to Kyoto

An exhibit of picture books and related printed materials from different countries affiliated with Kyoto through the League of Historical Cities (secretariat in Kyoto City) that introduce each city.

Hokkori Book Café

Participants discuss predetermined themes with the purpose of respecting differences and recognizing social diversity.

Lending Packages to Raise International Awareness.

The packages include materials from approximately 2,300 picture books from 95 countries, ethnic costumes and musical instruments from 28 countries, educational materials to aid in understanding including toys, and related overseas documents. They can be checked-out by schools, educational organizations, international exchange groups, and institutions.

List of Picture Books Owned by the Library/Reference Room

We have approximately 2,300 books from 95 countries. For more details, please contact our library/reference room.


Number of Books

Republic of Iceland 16
Ireland 1
Azerbaijan Republic 5
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 5
The United States of America 197
United Arab Emirates 21
The Argentine Republic 5
Republic of Albania 10
Republic of Angola 3
State of Israel 13
Republic of Italy 21
Republic of Iraq 20
Islamic Republic of Iran 59
India 65
Republic of Indonesia 21
Ukraine 33
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 75
Arab Republic of Egypt 20
The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 2
Republic of El Salvador 3
The Commonwealth of Australia 22
The Republic of Austria 12
The Kingdom of the Netherlands 25
Canada 13
Kingdom of Cambodia 13
Republic of Ghana 21
Republic of Cuba 5
Hellenic Republic 15
Republic of Guatemala 5
Republic of Kenya 2
Republic of Columbia 3
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 48
Republic of Zambia 7
Syrian Arab Republic 7
Republic of Singapore 19
Republic of Zimbabwe 9
The Swiss Confederation 20
Kingdom of Sweden 11
Spain 141
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 24
Slovak Republic 1
Republic of Senegal 8
Former Soviet Union 17
Kingdom of Thailand 68
Taiwan 30
The Republic of Korea 105
Czech Republic 10
Former Republic of Czechoslovakia 3
People's Republic of China 77
Republic of Tunisia 5
Republic of Chile 2
Kingdom of Denmark 10
Republic of Turkey 11
Federal Republic of Germany 40
Federal Republic of Nigeria 5
Republic of Namibia 2
The Republic of Nicaragua 1
New Zealand 10
Nepal 14
Kingdom of Norway 13
Hungary 9
People's Republic of Bangladesh 25
Islamic Republic of Pakistan 22
Palestinian Authority 13
Commonwealth of the Philippines 28
Republic of Finland 8
The French Republic 70
Kingdom of Bhutan 3
Federative Republic of Brazil 18
Republic of Bulgaria 7
Puerto Rico 1
Socialist Republic of Vietnam 40
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 4
Kingdom of Belgium 12
Hong Kong 16
Plurinational State of Bolivia 4
The Republic of Poland 17
Portuguese Republic 12
Malaysia 45
South African Republic 9
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar 19
The United Mexican States 1
Republic of Mozambique 2
Kingdom of Morocco 1
Mongolia 12
The former Yugoslavia 7
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 16
Lao People‘s Democratic Republic 5
Republic of Lithuania 1
Libya 23
Romania 3
Republic of Rwanda 1
Kingdom of Lesotho 1
Republic of Lebanon 35
Russian Federation 5
Japan 151
Katatsumuri Bunko 15
Picture books about Kyoto 10
Scroll Painting of the Tale of Heike 9
Jirai Dewa Naku Hana o Kudasai [Please Give Me Flowers Instead of Land Mines]  4
Osbourne Collection 34
Mother Goose 1 30
Mother Goose 2 30
Maboroshi no Russia ehon
[Phantom Russian Picture Book]

Gaioku no Ohanashi[Stories of Foreign Countries] (published in Japan) 

Number of Books

[Stories of Foreign Countries] Iceland 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Africa 2
[Stories of Foreign Countries] America 31
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Britain 16
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Islamic nations 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Italy 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Iraq 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Australia 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Holland 2
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Canada 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] South Korea 3
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Cook Island 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Swiss 6
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Sweden 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Sri Lanka 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Thailand 5
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Taiwan 2
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Tanzania 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Czech Republic 5
[Stories of Foreign Countries] China 9
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Denmark 3
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Turkey 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Germany 7
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Nigeria 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Nepal 2
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Norway 3
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Philippines 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Finland 2
[Stories of Foreign Countries] France 3
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Brazil 10
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Vietnam 2
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Belgium 11
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Bolivia 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Poland 1
[Stories of Foreign Countries] Mexico 2