Information for Donors

Information for Donors

At the Kyoto City International Foundation, financial donations from individuals and organizations are a significant part of the funding which enable us to do our work, and you may receive tax benefits for your contribution.

Donations may be tax deductable

~Individuals - if you pay income taxes in Japan~

According to the tax laws, contributions classified as “specified donation” to the national government, local government agencies, or public interest incorporated foundation are subject to deduction from income taxes according to the following formula:
(Please note that receiving the contribution deduction requires filing an income-tax return, and this cannot be done by year-end tax adjustment)


~Special exception relating to contributions to a public interest incorporated foundation ~

The nature of contributions by corporations is not well-defined as business expenses, and the Corporation Tax Act restricts inclusion in deductible expenses. However, in regards to contribution to a “corporate body that is making special contributions to the public interest,” even if a corporation gives the maximum amount for inclusion in deductible expenses, an extra inclusion in deductible expense is permitted.

Extra inclusion in deductible expense is calculated as follows:


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