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Easy Living in Kyoto

III Necessary Information for Daily Life

2.Bank and Post office

2-1 Opening an Account

(1) Opening an account

Fill in an Account Application and submit it at the counter of the bank or post office. A minimum deposit of 1 Yen is required. You can obtain a cash card by opening a saving account (Futsuu Yokin).

〈What you will need to open an account〉

① Foreign Resident Registration Card

② Health Insurance Card

③ Student I.D. (For students)

④ Personal Seal (Signature acceptable depending on institution)

⑤ Cash deposit (at least ¥1)

◆The use of cash cards (ATM)

Both deposits and withdraws can be easily made. To access the account, it is necessary to enter a series of four digit numbers (PIN). Don’t forget the PIN number! ATMs are also available at convenience stores.

〈ATM Operating Hours〉

Banks Weekdays 9:00-21:00 (approx.)

Weekends 9:00-18:00 (approx.)

Post Office Weekdays 9:00-19:00 (approx.)

Weekends 9:00-17:00 (approx.)

※The ATM operating hours vary depending on the banking facility.

(2) Automatic payment of utilities

Payment of public utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone charges and NHK television reception charges etc. can all be withdrawn automatically from your account. Your personal seal (hanko) and the registration number of your bill (customer number for electricity, gas, etc.) are necessary to begin these services. You can also make payments of utilities, telephone charges, NHK television reception charges at convenience stores. Inquire at the respective stores.

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2-2 Overseas Remittances


Items required The recipient’s bank name, branch name, account type and account number, address, name and telephone number. In order to receive an overseas remittance, you must give the sender the information mentioned above.

◆Post offices

〈International Postal Remittances〉

①Sending a money order directly to the address of the recipient

You air mail an exchange certificate to the recipient. When he/she goes to a local post office and hands over the certificate, he/she can collect the money.

②Sending a money order to the recipient’s postal saving account.

The money will be paid directly into the recipient’s postal saving account. This service is cheaper than sending money order to the address of the recipient.

〈International Postal Transfers〉

International transfers can only be conducted when both sender and the recipient have postal transfer accounts at their respective post offices. There are countries which do not conduct this service. Even if the country you wish to send money to has the service, note that the time it takes for this service may differ from country to country.

Kyoto Central Post Office, Postal Saving Section (Kyoto Chuo Yubin

kyoku Chokin-ka). 365-2511

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2-3 Foreign Exchange

◆Exchanging foreign currencies

Currency exchange is available at banks displaying a “Ministry of Finance Authorized Money Exchanger” sign. This applies to traveler’s checks as well. Some discount ticket shops also have money exchange services.

TiS Kyoto Store


JR Kyoto Station, in front of Main Gate.

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Shijo Money Exchange Corner


Marui Building, 1 F, Shijo- Kawaramachi

World Currency Shop


Kyoto Station Bldg, 8F

Foreign Currency Exchange Tourist Information Center- Daimaru Kyoto


Daimaru Kyoto, 1F

Foreign Currency Exchange Specialty Shop- Shijo, Kyoto


Nissei Shijo Yanagibanba
Building, Japan Travel Center

◆Places where you can get cash advances using foreign credit cards

If your credit card bears the VISA, Plus, MasterCard or Cirrus logos, you can withdraw cash at the following locations.

Takashimaya Department Store 7th Fl.

Southwest Corner of Shijo Street and Kawaramachi Street Intersection

Kyoto Tower Basement 1F

Corner of Karasuma Street and Shiokoji Street (North side of JR Kyoto Station)

Self Cashing Platt Kyoto

Turn East at the intersection of Shijo Street and Karasuma Street. It is at the first southwest corner.

Kyoto Family Shopping Center, 1F

Turn East at the intersection of Kadonooji Street and Shijo Street. It is located on the north side of the street.

Takashimaya Department Store Rakusai Shop, 3F

2-5-5 Higashi Sakaidani-cho, Oharano

(In Rakusei New Town)

*It is also possible to obtain cash advances with above mentioned credit cards from any Post Office ATM.

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2-4 Postal Services

◆Days and times the Post Office is open

Regular (Small) Post Offices Monday through Friday 9:00 to 17:00

Large Post Offices Monday through Friday 9:00 to 19:00

         Saturday 9:00 to 17:00

          Sunday 9:00 to 12:30

*It is best to confirm hours of operation, as times vary by post office.

◆Posting something on Saturday, Sunday, holidays, or late at night.

Some post offices provide a 24-hour “postal service”.

Facilities p.194

◆Sending money by mail

〈Genkin Kakitome〉

A special envelope called a “Cash Registration Envelope” is used. Money and letters can be enclosed together. Cash up to 500,000yen can be sent with fee. Ask for this service at the counter.

*It is also possible to send money by placing a postal money order in a sealed letter.

◆Other Services Available at the Post Office

When moving

If you notify your post office of your new address, they will re-address any mail sent to your old address for 1 year free of charge.

When you are not at home

If you are away and parcels or registered letters are delivered to your home, a slip advising you of the delivery will be placed in your mail box. Take this slip along with personal identification to the post office within a week to retrieve your parcel or registered letters.

When you are away for a long period of time

If you vacate your residence for a long period of time, notify the post office in advance to have your mail held. They will deliver it to you later (valid for up to 30 days only)

If you spoil a pre-stamped postcard

If you misprint or spoil a pre-stamped postcard, you can take it to the post office and have it exchanged for a new one for 5 yen.

◆International electronic mail (Kokusai Retakkusu)

You can fax a message (not exceeding A4 in size) from your post office in Japan to the post office of the destination. The message is sent to the recipient by post. It takes one to two days for the whole transaction.

Inquiries about international mail

Kyoto Chuo Post Office (365-2471

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2-5 Courier and Express Delivery Services

When you wish to have something delivered to somebody, in addition to the post office there are home delivery service companies (Takuhai and Takkyubin Services). If you are sending something big, they will come to your residence to pick it up. It is a very convenient service, because items often arrive quicker and for a lower price than by the post office. You can even request service at convenience stores.

Ⅲ-3. Transportation

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