Usage Policy for Message Board(Multilingual Community Site)

This message board is provided as a place to exchange information for persons browsing the Kyoto City International Foundation’s Internet home page. It is assumed that by using this message board, the user is in agreement with the following terms of service. Persons not in agreement with the following conditions will not be permitted entry.

  1. Please be aware that a message board user is personally responsible for the information they enter to or retrieve from its contents.
  2. We do not permit messages of the following content:
  3. Please contact the party concerned directly. Kyoto City International Foundation does not handle message inquiries.
  4. Kyoto International Community House / Kyoto City International Foundation in no way guarantees the quality of goods sold or the accuracy of information contained in messages.
  5. Kyoto International Community House / Kyoto City International Foundation accepts no responsibility for loss or damage incurred as a result of (mis)using information contained in this message board.
  6. Please read and understand the following information before using this message board.

How to Use the Message Board

  1. Messages can be posted for a year.
  2. Select an appropriate subject group to the content of your message.
  3. Messages deemed unsuitable or not belonging to any particular group will be erased.
  4. Input "Message Delete Key (password)" when you post a message, and you can delete the message at any time by yourself.
  5. Replies to the message will be deleted when you erase your original message.

Thank you for your visit and cooperation!