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Looking for someone who can speak English or Italian


2019-06-21 21:39:34

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Hi! Ciao! I’m Saya.
Burned and raised in Kyoto.

I’m looking for someone who can speak English or Italian.
(Maybe Spanish also would be nice)
Currently I’m leaning Italian, Also English little.

I like reading a book, Enjoying sunshine,Studying new language, meeting new people;)

If you are interested me Just send me a message!
I won’t bite you haha

*Im not looking for any romance here.

Thanks, Grazie:)



2019-07-28 11:36:15

hola saya,soy nativo de lengua espaniol,vivo por saiin ukyo ku,si deseas aprender o practicar el idioma,escribeme,bye

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2019-07-09 22:45:45

Hi Milo! How are you?

Sorry I haven’t checked here.
Anyway if you are still interested me you can send me some message :)

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2019-06-30 15:40:45

I'm fluent in English and also I speak Spanish, not great but good enough.I live in Kyoto, close to Kitaoji.Feel free to contact me.

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2019-01-28 02:14:58

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I live near Takeda station.
If you need homestay, please contact me.
If I can help your life in kyoto,I'm very happy.



2019-05-07 22:01:31

Hi Cindy.
there is an available room.
I can discount rent as you are a student.
please send me e-mail.
Wher are you living now?
If you don't mind, please come to my house.
I can pick you up at Takeda station or Kuinabashi station.

see you.

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2019-04-28 23:53:53

I'm an international student studying in Ryukoku University.
I'm wondering if your homestay is still available from June to July (probably one or two months).
And how much should I pay?

Thank you.

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Looking for an English Tutor


2019-08-03 07:39:39

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I am looking for an English tutor to brush up my spoken English.
I'd like to take a lesson at KOKOKA after work or on weekend, and pay 2000 yen/hour.
If there is anyone who is interested in helping me, please let me know by email. (Click the name above to email for details.)

Thank you.

返信者:Devira Ayuni Puspita Sariメール

2019-09-24 23:37:36

Hi! My name is Devira. I’m an international students in Ritsumeikan University. I’m interested to partake for the lesson. Do you have special requirements for it? (E.g. japanese skill, english proficiency document, or something likely). Please let me know immediately. Thank you.

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I hope you don't mind.


2019-08-01 02:28:16

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Hello, I'm Tomoko.
I'm a married woman and have a 3 years old daughter.
I just started learning English.
I want to friends with foreign woman speaking English and who raising children.
In my free time, I like to Japanese tea ceremony,walking in town and listening music.
My favorite word is "Many drops make a shower."

I'm waiting for your reply.
Thank you.

返信者:Axy Ang

2019-08-27 12:08:12

Hi there!

I am also a mom with a 3 year old daughter. I can speak English and Mandarin, and a little bit of Japanese.

Let me know if you would like to meet up :)

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Hiwatari Matsuri at Tanukidanisan Fudō-in

Poster:English Hiking & Forest Funメール

2019-07-27 14:49:11

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Tanukidani Temple - Kyoto

As you might know the foot of mountain Hiei, called mountain Uryu is in the very centre of our our activities. This is OUR mountain that we know very well and love even more. This Sunday there is a really unique event at one of the area's main temples, and includes a traditional ceremonial ritual, a huge bonfire, as well as the chance to walk over the coals/ashes for the brave ones! Feel free to join us, it's gonna be a great opportunity for members to meet up and get to know each others. And for that reason there is no event fee. We do need however, to pay for a ticket ( ¥500 - includes a lucky charm) to enter the temple. The exact meeting place has not been decided just yet, depending on people's participation we might meet up early, perhaps for a coffee or to walk towards the temple. Maybe even carry on later, after the event, for a quick drink and chat. Get in touch with us for more information and further arrangements.



返信者:English Hiking & Forest Funメール

2019-07-28 13:00:32

So, we'll start on foot from Ichijoji train station at 6.30pm, so if you want, please meet us there at around 6.20pm or halfway at Shirakawa Street and Manshuin Street junction, bus stop "Ichijoji Sagarimatsucho" (CityBus 5), at around 6.45pm, whichever is best for you.
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need help finding the meeting place.

Thank you!

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looking for a friend speaking English or español!


2019-06-12 12:03:13

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I’m shimo, 33 years old mom.
I’m looking for friends speaking English or español.

I used to work for a trading company in Tokyo and now is a mom since moving to Kyoto. Also I’m studying spanish for 5 years but don’t have any chance to ”hablar”.

I have no foreign friends in Kyoto, so I would very much appreciate it if you contact me!
(Kyoto city residents would be preferable !)

I’m looking foreword to your reply!
Thank you!

返信者:サンティアゴ サンティステバンメール

2019-07-28 11:38:59

hola ,vivo en kyoto hace 15 anios,si deseas comunicarte conmigo,escribeme,bye

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Language exchange


2019-05-19 20:47:31

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I would little to exchange language.
I teach Japanese.
You teach English.
I like temples in kyoto.
I have a KYOTO certification.
I am japanese man.

返信者:Colin D.メール

2019-07-09 15:09:18

Dear Masa-san,

I am a 29 years old, bilingual (French/English) French man living in Kyoto, and I would be very interested in a language exchange with you !

Having studied the history of Japanese Buddhism at university, I also like temples very much.

If you are mutually interested, please feel free to send me a message!

I am looking forward to meeting with you.


Colin D.

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Looking for language exchange partners - German, English, Spanish - Japanese


2019-05-07 16:21:18

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My name is Silke, I'm from Germany, I live in Kyoto since last September.
I'm looking for people to practice my little Japanese, I can offer to speak in German, English and Spanish.
I'm a housewife at the moment and expecting a baby in September.
I live in Kamigyo-ku, close to Kita-ku and I'd be happy to meet people in this area.

I hope to hear from you!
Best, Silke


2019-06-11 23:30:42

Hello! I’m shimo, a Japanese 33 years old mom, living in Nakagyouku.
I can speak English (not fluently) and understand español un poco. I also wanted language exchange partner, especially moms.
May I email to you??

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English speaking pals!

Poster:Tsu Joshメール

2019-05-04 22:06:38

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Hey I'm Tsu, curently living in Okayama, a seninor high teacher. I was living in Okinawa last year. I'm a musician as well.

I'm looking for English speaking friends! :)

I used to teach at Kyoto International Foundation in the lobby, loving the ambience.

Let's hang out ! Drop me a line!



2019-05-06 10:24:41

Just out of curiosity, which Okayama is that? In Kameoka? Thanks.

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Hope to have international friends:)


2019-05-02 00:55:37

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Hi! I’m Takuya. I’m a junior year university student in Ritsumeikan
I hope to have international friends like you guys!
If you need help, I can help you anything
If you feel lonely in a new environment, I’m welcome to be friends with you!
I also want to exchange our languages: English and Japanese
Feel free to message me:)


2019-05-29 04:25:56

Based in Kyoto
Send me ur contact information.


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