Rules on use of E-mail Newsletters
Kyoto City International Foundation (KCIF)

【1】 KCIF provides useful information to foreigners who completed the registration of E-mail Newsletters.

【2】 You may understand and consent to rules on use of E-mail Newsletters after filling out the form with your personal information.

【3】 KCIF shall not be liable for any damages of your PCs and/or Mobile arising out of or in connected with use of E-mail Newsletters.

【4】 If personal information which you have previously made are changed, let us know immediately.

【5】 KCIF shall give notification on any change of this service through user’s registered e-mail.

【6】 KCIF shall post the use of your personal information on “Privacy Policy”.

【7】 Please use this service on the base of the most common license agreement of the inter- net. KCIF has no responsibility in contingency that may happen and cause any damages and losses arising from this service.

【8】 KCIF may terminate the service if the users are believed to misconduct intentionally or considered to be inappropriate.

【9】 KCIF shall suspend the service temporarily in the case of maintenance or emergency without prior notice or agreement with users.

【10】 Rules become effective on April 1, 2010.

※Rules and Regulations Rules are subject to revise and change, if needed.

April 1, 2010
Kyoto City International Foundation