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What is the Kyoto City International Foundation (KCIF)?

What is the Kyoto City International Foundation (KCIF)?

The Kyoto City International Foundation、a public corporation, was founded in order to work towards creating mutually interdependent societies in an atmosphere of respect and regard for other cultures and in the spirit of multiculturalism. Since 2006 the Foundation has managed Kyoto International Community House (kokoka) with the aim of furthering these goals.

Striving to be an organization loved and trusted by the Kyoto community

When we think about what direction that KCIF should go in the future, we strongly feel how much support we have received from organizations and individuals from all walks of life in our community. Every encounter between people brings about a new connection and every conversation expands our network of friends and colleagues. The stronger that we can make that connection, the firmer the relationships between people will become. We are always thinking about how, as a foundation, we can earn the trust, love, and gratitude of the Kyoto community, and in our daily activities we constantly ask ourselves what we can do to reach the goals for which the Foundation was established.

We wish to see a society where
(1) The opinions and thoughts of every individual can be freely expressed.
(2) Everyone can feel connected with the people of the world.

The History of the Foundation

    October    1978  Kyoto City announced
                  「Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures.」
    January    1989  Kyoto City International Foundation established.
    September  1989  Kyoto International Community House opened.
    November   1999  On the 10th anniversary of the Foundation, the concept of working toward
                  “creating mutually interdependent societies in an atmosphere of respect
                   and regard for other cultures and in the spirit of multiculturalism” was established.
    May       2003  Korean Salon 「Meari」 established.
    May       2003  「International Community House Festival」 held.
    September   2003  「Medical Interpreter and Dispatching Service」begun.
    October    2004  「Program for Inter Cultural Nexus in Kyoto」begun.
    November   2004   First Kyoto International Community House OPEN DAY held.
                   It has been held annualyl since then.
    April       2006  The Foundation begins the management of Kyoto International Community House
    October     2007  "Interpretation and Counseling Service for Non-Japanese"begun.
    September   2009  On the 20th anniversary of the Foundation, “kokoka” selected by the people
                   and adopted as the abbreviation for the Community House.
                   “Resolution for 20-year olds/10 Year Plan” announced
    May        2010   The number of visitors to Kyoto International Community House surpassed 5 million.
    April        2012   In accordance with the change to the public corporation law,
                     the name of the Foundation was changed to Kyoto City International Foundation
    February     2014   “kokoka” formally registered as the abbreviation for the Community House
    September    2014   Symposium held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Foundation.
                     The total number of kokoka volunteers exceeded 10 thousands.
    December     2015   Raised funding for reform "Sister City Exhibition Room" by crowd funding
                     and reached the target amount.
    March     2016    Renew the exhibition room, and had an exhibition to celebrate
                    the success of fund-raising.
Purple, the color associated with royalty…
The official color of Kyoto is purple, and the symbol of the Foundation
uses this color in a circular pattern with lines stretching outward
expressing our wish to expand the role of Kyoto in international exchange.
The dot in the middle at the end of each line is the expression of “i”,
the first letter in “international”.
“kokoka” is the abbreviation for Kyoto International Community House,
taken from the Japanese “KOkusai KOryu KAikan”
and it was chosen by the people of Kyoto on the 20th anniversary of the Foundation.
On the 25th anniversary of the Foundation, “kokoka”, the logo, and the character
all became registered trademarks of the Foundation.

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