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  Republic of Iceland-A   Republic of Singapore-A   ○Foreign Stories published in Japan
  Republic of Iceland-B  Republic of Singapore-B  Foreign Stories [Iceland]
  Ireland-A   Republic of Singapore-C   Foreign Stories [Africa]
  Republic of Azerbaijan-A   Foreign Stories [America]-A
  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-A    Foreign Stories [America]-B
  United States of America-A   Republic of Zimbabwe-A  Foreign Stories [America]-C
  United States of America-B  Swiss Confederation-A  Foreign Stories [America]-D
 United States of America-C Swiss Confederation-B   Foreign Stories [United Kingdom]-A
 United States of America-D   Swiss Confederation-C  Foreign Stories [United Kingdom]-B
 United States of America-E Kingdom of Sweden-A  Foreign Stories [Islamic Area]
 United States of America-F   Kingdom of Sweden-B  Foreign Stories [Italy]
          Foreign Stories [Iraq]
 United States of America-G  Spain-A  Foreign Stories [Australia]
 United States of America-H Spain-B  Foreign Stories [Netherland]
 United States of America-I Spain-C   Foreign Stories [Canada]
 United States of America-J Spain-D  Foreign Stories [Korea]
 United States of America-K Spain-E   Foreign Stories [Cock island]
 United States of America-L Spain-F  Foreign Stories [Switzerland]
 United States of America-M Spain-G  Foreign Stories [Sweden]
 United States of America-N Spain-H  Foreign Stories [SriLanka]
 United States of America-O Spain-I  Foreign Stories [Thailand]
 United States of America-P Spain-J  Foreign Stories [Taiwan]
 United States of America-Q Spain-K  Foreign Stories [Tanzania]
 United States of America-R Spain-L  Foreign Stories [Czech]
 United States of America-S  Spain-M   Foreign Stories [China]
 United States of America-T  Spain-N  Foreign Stories [Denmark]
 United States of America-U  Spain-O  Foreign Stories [Turkey]
  United Arab Emirates-A   Spain-P  Foreign Stories [German]
 United Arab Emirates-B Foreign Stories [Nigeria]
 United Arab Emirates-C Democratic Socialist Republic
of Sri Lanka-A
 Foreign Stories [Nepal]
  Argentine Republic-A  Sri Lanka-B  Foreign Stories [Norway]
  Republic of Albania-A   Sri Lanka-C  Foreign Stories [Philippine]
 Republic of Albania-B   Slovak Republic-A  Foreign Stories [Finland]
  Republic of Angola-A   Republic of Senegal-A  Foreign Stories [France]
  State of Israel-A  the Former Soviet Union-A  Foreign Stories [Brazil]-A
  State of Israel-B   the Former Soviet Union-B  Foreign Stories [Brazil]-B
  Republic of Italy-A   Kingdom of Thailand-A  Foreign Stories [Vietnam]
 Republic of Italy-B  Kingdom of Thailand-B Foreign Stories [Belgium]-A
 Republic of Italy-C Kingdom of Thailand-C Foreign Stories [Belgium]-B
  Republic of Iraq-A  Kingdom of Thailand-D Foreign Stories [Bolivia]
  Republic of Iraq-B  Kingdom of Thailand-E Foreign Stories [Poland]
  Republic of Iraq-C  Kingdom of Thailand-F   Foreign Stories [Mexico]
  Islamic Republic of Iran-A  Kingdom of Thailand-G New Zealand-A
 Islamic Republic of Iran-B   Kingdom of Thailand-H   New Zealand-B
 Islamic Republic of Iran-C  Taiwan-A   Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal-A
 Islamic Republic of Iran-D Taiwan-B Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal-B
 Islamic Republic of Iran-E   Taiwan-C   Kingdom of Norway-A
 Islamic Republic of Iran-F  Republic of Korea-A   Kingdom of Norway-B
 Islamic Republic of Iran-G Republic of Korea-B  Hungary-A
  India-A  Republic of Korea-C   People's Republic of Bangladesh-A
 India-B Republic of Korea-D People's Republic of Bangladesh-B
 India-C Republic of Korea-E   People's Republic of Bangladesh-C
 India-D Republic of Korea-F Islamic Republic of Pakistan-A
  India-E  Republic of Korea-G   Islamic Republic of Pakistan-B
 India-F Republic of Korea-H Islamic Republic of Pakistan-C
 India-G Republic of Korea-I Palestinian Authority-A
 India-H Republic of Korea-J Palestinian Authority-B
  Republic of Indonesia-A   Republic of Korea-K   Republic of the Philippines-A
      Republic of Korea-L    
 Republic of Indonesia-B  Czech Republic-A   Republic of the Philippines-B
 Republic of Indonesia-C   Czech Republic-B  Republic of the Philippines-C
  Ukraine-A   the Former
Czechoslovakia Republic-A
 Republic of the Philippines-D
 Ukraine-B   People's Republic of China-A   Republic of Finland-A
 Ukraine-C People's Republic of China-B  French Republic-A
 Ukraine-D People's Republic of China-C   French Republic-B
  United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland-A
 People's Republic of China-D   French Republic-C
 United Kingdom-B People's Republic of China-E French Republic-D
 United Kingdom-C People's Republic of China-F   French Republic-E
 United Kingdom-D People's Republic of China-G   French Republic-F
 United Kingdom-E   People's Republic of China-H   French Republic-G
 United Kingdom-F   People's Republic of China-I   French Republic-H
 United Kingdom-G   Republic of Tunisia-A  Kingdom of Bhutan-A
 United Kingdom-H Republic of Chile-A  Federative Republic of Brazil-A
  United Kingdom-I       Federative Republic of Brazil-B
  Arab Republic of Egypt-A   Kingdom of Denmark-A  Republic of Bulgaria-A
 Arab Republic of Egypt-B  Kingdom of Denmark-B   Puerto Rico-A
 Arab Republic of Egypt-C       
  Federal Democratic
Republic of Ethiopia-A
  Republic of Turkey-A   Socialist Republic of Viet Nam-A
  Republic of El Salvador-A  Republic of Turkey-B Socialist Republic of Viet Nam-B
  Australia-A  Federal Republic of Germany-A   Socialist Republic of Viet Nam-C
 Australia-B Federal Republic of Germany-B Socialist Republic of Viet Nam-D
 Australia-C   Federal Republic of Germany-C   Socialist Republic of Viet Nam-E
  Republic of Austria-A   Federal Republic of Germany-D   Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela-A
  Republic of Austria-B   Federal Republic of Germany-E  Kingdom of Belgium-A
  Kingdom of the Netherlands-A   Federal Republic of Nigeria-A   Kingdom of Belgium-B
 Kingdom of the Netherlands-B Republic of Namibia-A  Hong Kong-A
 Kingdom of the Netherlands-C Republic of Nicaragua-A   Hong Kong-B
  Canada-A  ○Japan Plurinational State of Bolivia-A
 Canada-B  Japan-A   Republic of Poland-A
  Kingdom of Cambodia-A  Japan-B Republic of Poland-B
 Kingdom of Cambodia-B Japan-C Portuguese Republic-A
  Republic of Ghana-A  Japan-D   Portuguese Republic-B
 Republic of Ghana-B Japan-E   Malaysia-A
 Republic of Ghana-C Japan-F Malaysia-B
  Republic of Cuba-A  Japan-G  Malaysia-C
  Hellenic Republic-A  Japan-H   Malaysia-D
 Hellenic Republic-B Japan-I   Malaysia-E
  Republic of Guatemala-A  Japan-J   Republic of South Africa-A
  Republic of Kenya-A  Japan-K Republic of the Union of Myanmar-A
  Republic of Colombia-A  Japan-L   Republic of the Union of Myanmar-B
  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-A   Japan-M   Republic of the Union of Myanmar-C
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-B Japan-N  United Mexican States-A
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-C Japan-O   Republic of Mozambique-A
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-D Japan-P Kingdom of Morocco-A
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-E Katatsumuri Books-A  Mongolia-A
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-F  Katatsumuri Books-B   Mongolia-B
  Republic of Zambia-A   Kyo no Ehon Series-A   the Formar Yugoslavia-A
 Syrian Arab Republic-A   Kyo no Ehon Series-B   Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan-A
   Tale of Heike  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan-B
   Not Mines, But Flowers Series  Lao People's Democratic Republic-A
   Osbourne Collection-A  Lithuania-A
   Osbourne Collection-B   Libya-A
   Osbourne Collection-C Libya-B
   Osbourne Collection-D Libya-C
   Mother Goose Series 1-A   Romania-A
   Mother Goose Series 1-B Republic of Rwanda-A
   Mother Goose Series 1-C Kingdom of Lesotho-A
   Mother Goose Series 1-D Republic of Lebanon-A
   Mother Goose Series 2-A  Republic of Lebanon-B
   Mother Goose Series 2-B Republic of Lebanon-C
   Mother Goose Series 2-C Republic of Lebanon-D
   Mother Goose Series 2-D Russian Federation-A
    Maboroshi no Russia Ehon Series-A   
   Maboroshi no Russia Ehon Series-B