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Guide to our Programs

Understanding the different culture and event

kokoka OPEN DAY 2018

kokoka OPEN DAY 2018


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  • ■Please use public transportations as there is no parking for cars, and bicycle space is limited.
  • ■Drunk-driving and underage drinking is strictly prohibited by law.
      We may require proper ID to sell alcohol.
  • ■You are not allowed to bring any pets into the event except for guide, hearing, health monitor
      and partner animals, due to sanitary and safety regulations.
  • ■We will encourage garbage separation and recycling.
  • ■We will serve foods on reusable dishes.We will appreciate if you bring your own chopsticks
      and cups to reduce garbage.



We are looking for some companies, organizations and individuals  as sponsors for kokoka OPEN DAY 2018.
 Please inquire about the details;

  Kyoto City International Foundation
         TEL 075-752-3010 mail office@kcif.or.jp

Kyoto City International Foundation

the Kyoto Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities

City of Kyoto

Kyoto City Iternational Foundation
〒 606-8536 2-1 Torii-cho, Awataguchi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL 075-752-3010 FAX 075-752-3510 E-mail office@kcif.or.jp
Open 9:00~21:00 Close Mondays(Tuesday if Monday is a National holiday.)

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