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"Hot Chat" Encouraging Communication about Raising Children

Exchanging Ideas about raising Kids

Due to the heavy rain in Kyoto "Enjoy the Star Festival, TANABATA with us!" is canceled. (Friday, July 6th)

Welcome child-raising people in Kyoto from any country! The meeting will take place in simple Japanese. You can come with your children.(0-5yrs. and parents)

When: Saturday, July 7, 2018 15:30-17:30

14:00 Yukata Dress ups ingathering. Those who are interested, please make an advanced application for Yukata. 300yen for cleaning fee needed.

15:00 Event starts.

15:30 Tanabata decorations.

16:00 Japanese games: toy gold fish scooping, hoopla etc.

16:30 Bon dance, chat time.

17:00 Get together fo the photos.

17:30 Event finish

Fee: 200yen. Children free. Yukata dress up fee 300 yen. Click the flyer below to apply.