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Guide to our Programs

International student and pre-college student support

To the international students

Application Period

【 Previous Period 】
   2018 Apr.1~Apr.20

【 Matching Meeting day】

   2018 May.27 2:00pm

【 Latter Period 】
   2018 Sep.1~Sep.30

【 Matching Meeting day】

   2018 Oct.28 2:00pm

Please apply on the web site.


What's that?

About the Kokoka Family Program
This program aims Kokoka families to be supporters in students' mental side as they are advisers for students, and deepen mutual understanding as they spend their time together. We introduce your Kokoka family in the Matching Assemblies held in every spring and autumn. We expect you to have close relationship with your Kokoka family. All Kokoka families are citizens of KyotoCity who have registered for the volunteering at Kyoto International Community House (We call it as "Community House" below). * This program is not a home staying program.
People who can participate
This program is good for students who would like to meet citizens outside of their universities, but find it hard to have opportunities.

* Students can apply for both in spring and autumn if they would like to. You can either spend time with only one family, or several families through this program.

* It might happen that we introduce two students to one family at the same time if there are many applications from students.

* Please access to the following website "Kyoto International Students Information Site" if you would like to involved in other activities such as learning Japanese.

Please make sure that you complete the following things before applying for this program
* You are a student of university (including universities which have their campus in ShigaPrefecture) or college which have their administration in KyotoCity.

* You still have more than six months to stay in Japan when you apply for this program.

* You wish to have time with your Kokoka family actively.

* Please make sure that you have enough time for catching up with your Kokoka family at least one time a month.

* Please be active about introducing your country, culture, or custom to your Kokoka family.

* You can mix well with your family with a good manner such as contacting to your Kokoka family often, or be strict with an appointment time with your Kokoka family etc.

* You can participate in the Matching Assemblies. (The date of the assemblies will be on the website each time)

* You can participateactively in gatherings that the Community House introduces you.

* You will pay for your own activity when you do something with your Kokoka family. You have to pay for your own money such as taking buses or trains to go to somewhere with your family, or having lunch in a restaurant etc.

About the program and the steps to participate in it.
Step1. Registration and application
After registering for "Kyoto International Students Information Site (http://www.kcif.or.jp/kcif_webservice/logins/en)", you apply for the Kokoka Family Program.

Step2. Receiving an e-mail which tells you that you have applied for the program.
You will receive an e-mail from the Community House.

Step3. Participate in the Matching Assemblies.
You will receive a letter about the Matching Assembly, and participate in to meet your Kokoka family.

Step4. The Kokoka Family Program starts
Please contact your family as many times as possible. Each of you have to act actively. This program is for 6 months, but you can continue to meet your Kokoka family after this program finishes if you wish to.

*The Community House send you some information about gatherings which offers you some opportunities to meet and communicate with other students or families, so please feel free to participate with your Kokoka family.
What you might do with your Kokoka family.
* Ask something you are worried or want to know about.
Eg) I want to go to the dentist, but which dentist should I go?
I want my Kokoka family to teach me how to make Japanese food.

* Enjoy festivals together which are held in Kyoto together.

* Introduce your family to other students in your dormitory's parties.

* Show your Kokoka family your university.
QWhat kind of international students participate in the Kokoka Family Program?
A: College, postgraduate, academic, and short-term international students who go to universities which have their administration in KyotoCity(including universities which have their campus in ShigaPrefecture) participate in this program. More than 80% of students who register for it are from Asia, and the country that has the largest number of participants is China, followed by Taiwan and South Korea. These three countries account for 60% of all participants.
QIs it possible to apply for this program even if I am not good at speaking Japanese?
A: Certainly you can. Even if you do not speak Japanese very well, your Kokoka Family will help you. If you cannot speak Japanese at all, please write so in your application form.
QWho organizes the combination of student and family?
A: Kyoto International Community House (Kokoka) organizes it. We decide the combination in compliance with students' wishes such as their hobbies, location, etc
QWhat should I do if my Kokoka family's and my schedule do not match?
A: We know that many international students are busy with their own study or part-time job, but your Kokoka family is looking forward to seeing you and doing some activities with you, so even if you are busy, we suggest you contactyour Kokoka family by sending a letter or an e-mail to ask how they have been doing.
QIs it possible to change the combination?
A: Sorry, we cannot re-do the matching, but if some problems occur after the matching, we might change your Kokoka family.
QWhat should I do when I change my e-mail address or phone number?
A: Please contact the Kyoto International Community House if you change your e-mail address or phone number, and make sure you also tell them to your Kokoka family. We send the information on events (gatherings) by e-mail or post.
* Please remember that Kokoka family is not your guarantor(sometimes you need a guarantor when you move your house).
QWhat should I do if I have any questions or problems?
A:Please talk to us. Anything is welcome to ask, so please feel free to contact us to solve your problems.
Comments from Kokoka family.
* Our international student contacted us often, so we had much time to spend together.

* We invited our student over. We made some food together, and our international student made some meals of her own country for us as well.

* My family has started to get interested in our student's country.