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I injured in a traffic accident, and have to see a doctor regularly now. Insurance company said they will reduce the compensation for damages due to taking leave of absence from work and consolation money because medical expense cost a lot.
Insurance company can pay the medical expense fine up to \1,200,000 from automobile liability insurance, and if it's costs more than this, they try to keeps the costs low. However, insurance company can not reduce the insurance cost on their own. If you are in a middle of seeing a doctor, at first, you have to just keep going to hospital and recieve treatment until the doctor say you are OK. Finally, consolation money will be calculated from the number of days you went to hospital.

I injured in a traffic accident, and have to see a doctor regurlary now. Insurance compeny notified me that they will stop paying the money.
You should go to hospital and see a doctor to know weather if you need more treatments or not. If it's became clear that you need more treatments, you can make an offer that you will keep seeing a doctor. Then insurance company will not stop paying money.

Japanese husband make an demand for devorce unilaterally, and he doesn't pay cost of living. What should I do?
Unilateral demand of devorce is not acceptable legally. Since you have a problem of cost of living, I will recommend you to go to domestic court and apply court arbitration. Devorce court will take place in the domestic court where you register marriage notification. if you are living in far from there, and do not have enough money, how about using a sustention of Japan Legal Aid Association? (ask Japan Federation of Bar Association.)

I want to get devorce from my Japanese husband because of his domestic violence. He agree about devorce, but he doesn't want to pay for cost of having and rasing children.
General procedure of devorce is on above. if one of you or your husband can not agree with each other's pretention, you can go to domestic court and apply court arbitration.

Right now, I have Precollege Student visa, and wants to take an entrance examination of guraduate school and enter. But the visa will expire until the entrance exam. What can I do after the deadline of visa til exam?
It depends on how you studied and how you stayed in Japan, but if there is not any problem, you can apply to immigration authorities to be able to stay after the visa end. In this case, you have to bring application for addmission and acknowledgment and prove that you are really preparing for enter the guraduate school. It doesn't directly means that always immigration authorities give permission, but still there is a possibility.
If you have a College Student visa, it can renew only 1 year units, therefore, you cannot renew your college student visa that you have right now. If you get 90 days of short visa, and explain about your exam, there is a possibility of extension of term. If you will take this step, you have to get a certification form from your college at first. And in this case, you have to note that you cannot do part-time job in this visa.

I am in college/graduate school as an exchage student. If I work in Japan, what should I do?
If there is no relativeness between the desbription of job in the place of employment and your major subject in college/graduate school, you cannot get working visa. If there is no realativeness, you need to apply for Specialist in Humanities/International Services as a work of interpretation. But if the company that you will work for doesn't have an achievement of needs in interpretation, it will be dificult.

Now, I am a teacher in English school, and have Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa.
①If I quit this job, what do I need to do about visa?
②Is it ok to do a part-time job?
③Is it ok to work at bar?
If you want to change your job, you have to apply work qualification certificate. Since December 2004, It became able to invalidate residence status, so if you will not work for long term, immigration authorities may cansel your visa. Working at bar is considerd to be a manual labor, so you can not work at bar because it is engaging in activity outside scope permitted. As a general rule, it is considerd to be "a manual labor" except "College Student" , "Precollege Student", "Dependent", and a manual labor is not allowed.

I have a College Student Visa right now. How can I do for bringing my husband or my family in Japan?
  You must get birth certificate (for ID purposes) and certification that you obatain a scholarship (for proof that you have a enough financial ability to provide family) at first. Then you apply for authorization of resident eligibility. In this regard, you must notice that people cannot work in Dependent visa essentialy.

About getting a Permanent Residence.
As a general rule, you need 3 condition of "more than 10 years of stay (if you are a better half of Japanese)", "more than 5 years of working", and "the visa you have is the longest term of its qualification" Please get a application form and the list of document required in immigaration authorities and prepare.

I have been coverd by pention for 17 years including both national pention and employee pention. Out of this turm, I have a enrollment period of employee pention for 5 years. Can I recieve all?
In general, people need to have 25 years of enrollment period, but there are some exeptions for employee pention that become shorter than 25 years. please make an arrangement for detail.

I have a Japanese wife and am in dependency status. If I start to create a business, are there any change in social insurance or pention?
Genrerally, If you start to creat a business and get certain amount of income, you must be independent and pay the premiums on your social insurance.

  I am in Japan and have a Temporary Visitor visa. Can I purchace national health insurance?
People who will live in Japan more than 1 year is the object people who should take out an national health insurance and national peniton.

I am working 5 days, 7.5 hours a day as a teacher in famous English school, but I have not joined the social insurance system. Can I join now?
You seem to fall under the category of requiment of enrollment. You can ask your company or Labor Union and make an arrangement.

About getting money under tax convention of Japan and China.
In the case of Chinese students who study in Japan, there is a possibility to recieve income tax exemptions, only if your wage goes straight to living cost. (precollege student is not allowed) We recommend you to make an arrangement.

My company do not pay me wage.
If company do not pay wage even if you said, you can file a clame at Labor Standards Supervision Office. You can make an arrangement in labor department or labor standards inspection office near you company.

I am working in Japan as a contract employee, and my company decide not to renew our contract.
I want to know about stopping of employment under the fixed-term employment contract, and the system of unemployment compensation, health insurance etc. after I stop working.
It's depends on each contract, but in general, company needs to expalin the reason of disemployment and needs to announce beforehand about disemployment within a specified period of time. This problem is involved with procedure of employment insurance and national health insurance. Consult us at anytime regarding this issue.

Can't understand Japanese, don't have a friend to ask....Aren't you getting deeper into trouble because of these reasons?
Why don't you turn to counseling before you get more injure in your mind.
Couch doctor or conselor can give you a appropriate advice for you. We will always keep your privacy, so feel free to talk!


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