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Accepting applications from International Exchange Groups and Organizations.

International Exchange Citizen's Group Support Project "COSMOS"

Currently accepting applications from International Exchange Citizen's Groups and Organizations.
We offer assistance to groups and organizations active within Kyoto City.

The Kyoto City International Foundation is currently seeking groups and organizations that offer
International Exchange related activities such as cultural events and counseling
on 2nd & 4th Saturday between April through September 2019.

Why not try expanding your group's activities at the Kyoto International Community House?


1) Kyoto-based groups organizations that offer culture or regional events and information, international exchange or
  lifestyle support services offered by foreigner living within Japan.

2) Kyoto-based groups and organizations that offer international exchange or lifestyle support service targeting
  foreigners living in Japan.

3) Either of the member should be able to understand Japanese, and to fill in application and the report, etc.
   (As for filling in, English is acceptable.)

4)The activity by the group ( no activity by the individual )


February 1(Friday) - 28(Thursday) , 2019
This program offers joint sponsorship to various groups and organizations related to international exchange by offering
the use of conference rooms at the Kyoto city International Community House(kokoka) for Japanese and international
cultural programs, counseling programs, Japanese and foreign language instruction, and so forth.

Please contact us for more details.

Japanese must be understood or there must be a member who understands Japanese. (for information, notes)

Kyoto City International Foundation
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